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Time for Olive , Plum and Fig treatments

  • Tree Health diagnosis and treatment


  • Weed control


  • Insect pest and disease control in landscapes


Thank You For your support. We have made it through a difficult time thanks to our customers and their trust. I will continue to find and deliver the very best solutions to landscape problems.

Strength is in the foundation

A professional locally owned and managed landscape care service company

Wash with Soap

 we are engaged in a service; to help we will adding a simple solution of soap to our broadcast applications. This will help in several different ways. Most of all it breaks down the lipids in viruses.

Compost Tea !!??

Compost tea is an organic Biological stimulator. Microbials grow fast in good enviroments and die quickly in bad ones. We can deliver billions of active Microbials. A freshly brewed Tea made from organic compost harvested at its peak temperature and breakdowm level.

Who We Are

Nevada Roots is a locally owned and managed company

Professionals in the Agronomic Industry for over 30 years.

We are a Locally Staffed and Managed company.

In the market for over 30 years.

Specializing in the sciences of Botany and plant health.

Applications customized for maximum benefit and less waste.

Helping you fix what's not right in your landscape.

Take a 1 hr photo expedition

Take a 1 hr photo expedition

Take a 1 hr photo expedition


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This Company has always responded with urgency and professionalism. Executing excellent service and results without fail. Their knowledge is outstanding discovering items of concern and addressing them to us preventing higher costs and unfortunate events.



Insured and Licensed

Reliable & Trustworthy

Professional & Experienced

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