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Organics How many Microbes does it take to make a healthy soil

Plants purchased at a store during good weather and maintained properly come with active living healthy soil, at least it should. The Growers and the Nursery Hyper or Overfeed plant material causing fast growth and flowering. It needs to look good so we want to buy.

The pitfall is an inhospitable environment for sustained Biology (microbes). In a plastic container there are wild temperature swings and over under watering plus the roots start to over crowd.

Getting your plant in our lovely Mojave desert soils as soon as possible helps balance in a way. Adding mulch when appropriate is fantastic but still falls a bit short of building a great Living soil.

There are Billions of Microbes in a 1 cubic foot area of good soil. Those Billions constantly create Billions more daily. When things / conditions aren't healthy the production goes down or stops.

Waterlogged or dry soils, No Organics too Much Organics, No air Movement, No food sources, High or low PH, Chemicals in the soil and more. These are just some of what we deal with in our landscapes, yet the plants survive. (Usually) but they dont thrive and are susceptible to attacks from Insects, Diseases and the environment .

Mulch as I mentioned is great, good fertilization (complete) nutrient package slated for the plant type is necessary, Irrigae properly, Co Plant correctly and use Compost Tea !!!

Compost Tea thats correct. A living biological product made from organics . Packed with Billions of Microbes, Beneficials, Bacteria (yes good Bacteria) Fungi (these help combat diseases in your soils) AND READILY AVAILABLE NUTRIENTS YOUR PLANTS UTILIZE RIGHT AWAY. I have been harvesting, Brewing and applying for 15 years with Great results.

I usually do 1 or 2 - 200 gallon batches per month. Contact me to get on the schedule.

It truly enhances all of your efforts in your Landscapes or Gardens. It also provides a better environment for control treatments if you battling insect and disease pressure.

Charley at 702-461-6873 Please Text or visit the website contact me page.

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