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Kill Weeds, Weed Control Weed Prevention

Rain brings weeds or wakes them up

I have been in the Las Vegas Area all my Life.

Long great life so far and planning on much more.

In the Landscapes there are things we Love, tolerate and hate.

WEEDS are usually in the Hated category. Removing them is a challenge but done correctly its not too difficult or costly. Done incorrectly it can be stressful , costly and a long term project that you dont think youll ever win.

Format each of your headings

Choose your Weed control method


You can React, when the weeds are popping up here and there but only a few making your move now is wise.

You can procrastinate and let them get going providing they arent flowering your still in control.

Oh its a Flower how pretty;

Flowers mean more of that plant / Weed coming later and sharing with your neighbor.

Also, once the flower starts to die you enter a new situation. New plants from seeds and a tougher host plant to kill.

I just pull them or wack them down;

Pulling weeds is a control method most wideley used especially by landscape maintenance companies. It cleans the area and will completely remove some weeds but its a band aid. Seeds will drop and be distributed. Soils will be loosened and a great enviroment for new weeds to grow is created.

Different weeds respond to treatment differently;

They wont all wilt and die overnight. Some take days or weeks and even require a second round. New stalks and leaves are produced.

Have a licensed professional apply the proper treatment at the proper time;

Avoid wasted time and money. Proper application methods and timing are essential. Pre and post treatment and or getting on a program will help keep the investment you made in your Landscape attractive and fun. Also it treats Mother earth with respect. No secondary poisoning or harm to essential desirable material.

Call Charley at 702-461-6873 to arrange an estimate and service

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