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Where did all these weeds come from

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

While we hibernate, winter down, cruise through the holidays or whatever hard working green thumb folks do after surviving the summer. We get an early unwelcome surprise.

All those weed seeds we may have or have not treated for and remnants of ones we thought we pulled completely were enjoying our temperate weather and getting a head start.

Seeds can remain viable for years and when the conditions are good they start growing.

With the rock landscapes there are so many good little homes for them to start out and we cant see them until they are in a mature state with a profound root system.

Our pre and post emergent weed prevention applications are tailored for specific weed varieties and the timing is crucial to have the greatest impact and control.

there will always be unwanted growers in our landscapes not because we arent working hard enough or smart enough. Nature will always find a way. Wind, animals, insects, new plantings and more will add to the need for help sometimes. Thats why we are here.

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