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Thinking Ahead

There are a few considerations you can act on now to give you a better experience than you may have had in the past. If your outdoors was stressful or disappointing we can help avoid that. Nutritional amendments many organic in composition are a great start. Evaluation of irrigation and placement can head off costly issues. The zones in irrigation systems are different from each other and head or emitter types and placements are unique. A sloped or shady area needs much less water and more aeration. Without this alteration disease and anaerobic conditions may present themselves. This is not only in lawns but in desert landscapes also and trees. Injection of customized nutrients to the root zone can increase health and strength of the plants and trees preparing them for the stresses of the hot weather. A robust root system is a plant's best defense storing more water and food capacity is the best way to protect your investment. Incorrect nutrient choices can cause adverse irreversible consequences. Heavy or rapid growth seems to mean healthy plants or trees. That new shoot limb or leaf needs protection from the environment. The fast growth may have sapped the nutrient levels and therefore is unsustainable. The protection of the new growth may not be achieved without supplements. Slower controlled growth while maintaining adequate levels of food in the rootzone is the best method. High levels of nitrogen are usually harmful and a method of old practices. Let American turf and Tree perform a low cost evaluation and start a program that keeps you loving your landscape.

Timing is everything done properly will save you days and Dollar$
American Turf and Tree does Pre emergent applications

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